DAY ONE – Paleo Week (and why I’m conflicted)

How exciting.. A new week!

Unfortunately for me, I woke up this morning feeling pretty blah.  I went to bed at 10 ish last night because I was so tired and then got up at 10 this morning.  I never sleep for 12 hours so that was different.  I don’t really know how to describe it but I was just in a bad mood this morning.  My stomach also is still bothering me which is less than ideal.  But I made myself 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast and some coffee (but this time without almond milk creamer because Paleo diet is supposed to have really limited sugar – so I used unsweetened almond milk).  I didn’t take a picture of it because it didn’t look too cute.  If you really wanna know what it looked like, it looked like a cooked, deformed yellow blob on a white plate.  However, it tasted really good (because I do really like eggs).  I’m blaming that blah mood on the weather.

I feel like this week is going to have a lot less pictures than last week because my food is going to be a lot less pretty.  Personally, I think that a lot of people find the vegan diet interesting because it looks so damn pretty on Instagram! (which it is).  I’m excited for a change of food though because I feel like sometimes the vegan diet can be an excess amount of carbs and too little protein, which I think makes me feel kinda gross.

Today is weird.  I’m not even hungry for lunch and it’s almost 1:00pm (I’m updating this blog entry as the day goes on, not all at once fyi).  I’m still not totally sure what I can/can’t eat on Paleo, so don’t hate me if I mess up a few times!  But I’m pretty sure that you can eat kale and nuts, so lucky me I get to eat my fave thai peanut salad for lunch! (that’s a win)


After lunch, I went to Wegman’s with my mom.  Wegman’s is the best because they have a huge selection of everything and a lot of it’s organic.


(I thought this board at Wegman’s was nice – one of the reasons why I love Wegman’s)


They had bulk cherry tomatoes! how cool is that!  Also, I lied in one of my previous posts.  I think Wegman’s has the best bulk section ever, not Whole Foods.  (can you tell I love bulk stuff?)

I’m kind of conflicted right now because I really liked everything that the vegan diet did for the environment and for animals (because i really do hate what the meat industry does to them), but I do like eating chicken and fish because of the good protein and I think it tastes good.  So, to sort of compromise, I made sure that all the meat that I bought was organic, grass-fed, and free range.  It definitely is more expensive, but I think it’s important.

Here’s what I bought:

.. basically a whole bunch of produce and some meat.  There is nothing processed and it’s über healthy (love the word über haha).

AND I didn’t forget any bags at the store this time! (unlike last week!)

I was hungry by the time I got home so I made myself a berry smoothie:


and I also had a green apple with Justin’s maple almond butter.  The almond butter was so good I ended up eating some of it with a spoon lol

I’m about to head out to a lacrosse game, but for dinner I think my whole family is going to have roasted butternut squash and grilled chicken with a tomato salsa.  (getting the fam to hop on the organic healthy train! hahah)

xx, Sarah


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